Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States? And stroke is #5?

Stroke and heart disease have claimed far too many of us. Almost every one of us knows someone who has been affected.

At Weigh to Wellness Denver, we work everyday to help patients decrease their risk of these diseases through nutrition and lifestyle. This year we will be participating in CycleNation to help make a difference by raising funds and awareness for heart disease and stroke.

100% of the funds we are raising through CycleNation will go to the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association — bringing groundbreaking research, helping people live healthier, and saving lives! CycleNation Indoor is going to be high-energy, fun — and thank you in advance for supporting us! Please come join us at the event and/or donate today! Together, we have the power to overcome stroke and heart disease!
Visit our page to donate and support at Weigh to Wellness Denver CycleNation
At the CycleNation event, we are asked why we ride.
This is why I ride:

Dan Hozian story


Please feel free to share your story/why you ride!


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