Best Food Journaling Apps

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Tracking your food intake helps you have consistent success in your weight loss/weight management journey. We know that food journaling can be associated with being tedious and time consuming, but free apps have helped make this process less painful! Here is a list of free apps that are available and easy to use!

My Fitness Pal:

This app has one of the largest databases available. It has the option to pay for a premium membership, but this is not necessary. You can track your calories without having to add them up on your own. You can tell your macro intake by both percentage and grams.

A great feature of this application is that it can be used on your phone and desktop computer. I personally like using my computer because it is easier to type and bigger font.

This app also has an easy way to import recipes from websites. You can also import your own home recipes and save them to be logged at any time.

Lose It!

This is another free app that has the option for a premium membership. They do have an option to take a picture of your meal and will try to match ingredients for you.

You can log on both your phone and computer. I find that inputting recipes on this app is not as easy as other apps.


This is helpful for anyone who is monitoring carb intake or trying a ketogenic diet. It gives you both total and net carb intake. It is also a free app. with an upgrade option.

A unique feature of this app is that it has recipes built in! You can click on the meal tab and a bunch of low carb recipes are provided. If you are a premium member, this app actually has multiple 7 day meal plans to help you manage your meals.



This app allows you to take a picture of your food and it helps you pull up the ingredients in this meal.

You can only use this app on your phone since it needs camera feature. After taking the picture of your food it will guess ingredients and portion size. You have to go in after and change ingredients and portion sizes if inaccurate. If there are hidden calories in the recipe, then you have to manually add this, EX: sugar or syrup.


This app does have a monthly fee. The unique aspects of this app is that it combines activity. mental health and nutrition into one app. You also have noom coaches to help answer questions and give accountability. This is the app you want to choose if you want multiple levels of accountability in one place.

We hope this helps you pick the app that is right for you. Calorie control is the key to weight loss and maintaining that loss. Using these apps on a regular basis can help you gain vital knowledge on food content. This will make the battle with health and wellness less daunting.