Best Exercise Apps

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Technology is a great way to get variety in your workout. Gyms are starting to reopen and access to exercise equipment is getting easier. If COVID derailed your exercise routine, it is now time to get back in the game. Just remember that exercise is a huge part of health and wellness. You will not be able to lose weight and maintain weight loss without regular physical activity. We have listed some of our favorite apps in this blog. Use these to switch it up and give you guidance.

Nike Training Club App:

Cost: Free with the option to pay for an upgrade

Devices: android and apple phones. This is not available on a computer or TV.

Equipment needs: Ranges from no equipment to full gym equipment.

This app is provided by Nike. It has exercises that are divided into equipment, type of exercise and time. The videos have an instructor showing you the moves and have timers present to let you know reps/seconds. This app is very easy to use and not full of adds.

FitOn App:

Cost: free with ability to add on premium membership

Devices: Android and apple phones, TV and computer.

Equipment needs: none to full gym equipment.

Fiton is a free app that has a variety of workouts. Everything from low impact to HIIT. It also has professional trainers leading you through the workouts. Some unique workout choices in this app are: dance and desk exercise, low impact, small space, and postnatal exercises. They also have live streaming workouts that run consistently. This is a wonderful app to use for all variety of workouts.

Couch to 5K:

Cost: free with option to upgrade

Devices: Android and Apple phones and Ipod.

Equipment: indoor treadmil or ability to run outdoors.

This program was developed to safely train you to run a 5k race. You are able to decide when you are ready to step up intensity of your exercise. There are other apps that help you train for half marathons and marathons.

Simply Yoga:

Cost: free with ability to upgrade

Devices: android or apple phones

Equipment: Yoga Mat, stretching rode, yoga blocks

This is a very simplistic app and very user friendly. It is great for people trying to start their yoga journey.

Aaptiv App:

Cost: 14.99$ per month

Devices: On android and apple phone. Not available on computer.

Equipment needs: ranges from no equipment to full equipment. Also has workouts for in the gym and outside.

This app has the widest range of exercises. It has indoor and outdoor running and cycling. There is yoga, pilates, HIIT, kickboxing, and a ton more. The workouts are run by trainers and they show you the moves and have timers counting down reps and seconds.


This is correlating with our last blog on food journaling. For the monthly fee that noom charges, they provide workout options as well. Therefore, Noom can be a one stop shop for health and wellness, instead of needing multiple apps.