Best Recipe Apps


The key to a healthy diet lifestyle is meal prepping and planning. Coming home to an empty refrigerator, or eating nothing but chips and salsa for dinner, is a byproduct of not planning ahead. Not saying that you have to have every meal of every day planned and prepped, but you should have an idea of what the majority of your meals will be for the week. Finding healthy and exciting recipes doesn’t have to take up hours of your time anymore! There are now services that make picking recipes very easy. Most of these apps also provide the nutrition information for the recipes you pick. This makes calorie counting and nutrient tracking much easier!


This is available on apple and android phones. You can also use it on your computer.

This costs around $6 per month.

You can choose from a wide variety of diet types. EX: keto, low calorie, low carb, vegetarian, etc.

You can add in extra plans to include breakfast and lunch.

The recipes have nutrition information, easy instructions, and provide a grocery list. You can have the grocery items automatically loaded into a grocery delivery system, such as Instacart, if desired.


It is available on a computer and on android or apple apps.

This costs around 8-15$/month.

You can pick from a variety of diet types. You can add in food preferences/food dislikes. You can change serving sizes and number of people you are cooking for.

Once you pick your recipes for the week, you can have groceries delivered or print off a grocery list. You will also have access to all past weekly meal plans.


This app is available via your computer

Cost: Free

You start by answering questions of food preferences, cooking skills, serving sizes, diet type, etc. The next step is to input the items that you already have in your pantry. You can skip this step if desired. If you have items in your pantry already, the app will not add those items to your grocery list.

You are then able to pick from a wide variety of recipes. You add the recipes that you want for the week. You can then generate a grocery list for the week.


This is an app available on Android or Apple and is also accessible on your computer.

Cost: Free with option to upgrade for 50$ per year

You start by choosing your dislikes from a list of foods. Then you choose what kind of diet type you would like to follow. EX: keto, vegan, flexitarian, classic, etc. You get to pick the recipes you want for the week. The meal plan then generates a grocery list for you.

You can only pick from a limited recipe list if you want the app to remain free. If you want to upgrade to the PRO service, it is 50$ per year and contains many more recipes. All of the breakfast and dessert options are on the PRO service.

Kitchen Stories Recipes:

This is only available in app form on both Android and Apple platforms.

Cost: Free

This app is not designed for meal planning. This is a recipe app for people who want creativity with their food. Most of the recipes require an advanced level of cooking skills. Some recipes are geared toward healthier living, but some recipes are not, such as fried chicken. There are many varieties of ethnic cuisines. Recipes include dishes such as Lebanese bread, Thai salads, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Baked Popcorn Cauliflower. They have quick and easy recipes, 5 ingredient meals, low carb and vegetarian recipe options. There are videos to demonstrate cooking instructions.


This is available on Android and Apple phones. You can use the computer for this as well.

Cost: Free

This meal planning app divides recipes into types of cuisine. You can find hundreds of recipes in each ethnic cuisine. Recipes span from American, Indian, European, Mediterranean, Mexican, Dairy free, Lacto vegetarian, and Ovo vegetarian. Recipes are also divided into courses: appetizers, side dishes, baked entrées, pan seared entrées, healthy entrées.

This app also has a daily meal planner option and it provides a shopping list. The recipes also detail calories. macronutrients, and glycemic rating. Each recipe has a health score as well. This app provides many unique features that the other apps do not.

Tasty App:

You can use this app on Android, Apple and the computer.

Cost: Free

This app has videos for cooking instructions. Videos are a nice option if you are new to cooking and need help with knife skills and use of proper equipment. This app also has some free meal plan options. The recipes on this app are not necessarily geared toward calorie control or weight loss. Therefore, you need to be intentionally mindful of portion size and calories.

We hope these meal planning options will help you succeed with creating a successful meal plan! Explore these apps for inspiration. Happy cooking!