Denver Area Cooking Schools

Learning how to cook can be tough, especially if you did not grow up in the kitchen. Taking some cooking classes can help you build confidence in the kitchen. These Denver area cooking schools can give you access to knowledge and the motivation to try something new.

Services that make cooking easy:

These services can provide you with both recipes and sometimes food that can be assembled with easy recipes.

  • Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Green Chef: Provides you with different recipes every week. They deliver the food and recipes to your door.
  • Emeals, Cooksmarts: Provides you with recipes and the option to have an online grocery list.

Online Cooking Skills


Youtube is a great resource for free cooking videos. Follow any chef you like and it can lead you down a rabbit hole of great videos. You can do a simple search like “beginner cooking videos.”

Here are some good youtubers to subscribe to:

All In The Kitchen: with Gordon Ramsey

Pro Home Cooks: Conquer your kitchen with Mike G.

Bon Appetite



This online cooking school is a full package! They have classes that vary from “90 minute favorites” to “3 course gourmet meals”.

How It Works: How It Works: Once you pick your class you let them know how many people you will be cooking for (2 to 4). The company will send you a refrigerator box filled with the ingredients you need (weighed and measured). Then the day before the class they will send you recommendations on how to prepare your kitchen for the class.

In Person Cooking Schools:

Cook Street:

This is a wonderfully well rounded culinary school. There are a wide variety of classes offered. They also offer beginner cooking skill classes that increase in difficulty as your progress through classes. Their website offers an easy to use calendar to see upcoming classes. they also host private events. If you have kids they offer a cooking bootcamp for kids.

Uncorked Kitchen and Wine Bar

This service does it all. They have in person and online classes. Their in person classes are more specialized to specific cuisine. They have an upcoming sushi night and tamale night. This culinary school would be perfect for a date night cooking class. They also offer a variety of kids cooking classes and birthday parties. They have an easy to access calendar of their events on their website.

The Seasoned Chef

This cooking school provides in-person, online and private event classes. They do not specialize in basic and beginner cooking classes. They are unique that they have on demand online cooking classes for affordable prices. You can start with the kitchen safety and knives skills class.

Stir Cooking School

This school specializes in private events. They have multiple chefs to give a variety of cooking ideas. With this school a 25$ one time fee gives you access to all of their videos and recipes. This school is great for group private classes and date nights.